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& I love rabbits-- especially white ones.
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27th-Jan-2011 02:31 am - audio 。
◊♥◊ is about to change
It's a bit strange.

I don't feel as though very much has happened, and yet, it is little more than two months before a year will have passed.

If it's true that time doesn't move without us from the worlds we left, then worry would be pointless. Still, some effort to find the way out - if such a thing exists - grows more and more appealing. I do know that it's believed that there isn't such a way, but just because it has never been found doesn't make its nonexistence an absolute truth. We just don't know, do we? Not really.

The sea, or what looks like the sea here, still seems like a fair possibility. How far can we go before we can't go any farther? I can't find record of that anywhere either.

Though I had been reading on the many kinds of ships - not only from my own time but others, far more advanced - I suppose it's just as likely, if not more so, that --

Although I imagine it would be nothing nearly so simple as falling down a rabbit hole.
22nd-Dec-2010 06:14 pm - audio ][
◊♥◊ not surprised
I think I rather preferred the mushrooms, thank you.
◊♥◊ lost time


[ a pause ]

Oh no. It isn't you after all.

[ then, she supposes it wouldn't be as she'd seen him herself when...

...but this place doesn't work quite like Underland nor like England, and she keeps that ever in mind ]

◊♥◊ is about to change
I suppose it would be difficult to go without something if it is an addiction of sorts. Lucky that I don't seem to have any particularly identifiable ones at the moment, but I do wonder if people don't imagine what they might be like in complete sobriety. Though I do know some people are happier without, and if that is the case then maybe it doesn't very much matter--as long as they are doing what they really want to do, I mean.

And not all addictions are to smoke or alcohol anyway. I wouldn't like to be without my dreams, though to call them an addiction by most definitions wouldn't really be fair, I think. There was only the one after all, and in the end it was a memory---is a memory.

Growing up without it, I can't quite fathom.

[ A breath, a pause, and then a considering 'hm' before the pronounced click of the device. ]

◊♥◊ burden

Has anyone here ever built a seaworthy ship before?

And, supposing that nobody has, would anyone be interested in trying?

◊♥◊ and if i tried too hard

[ In the audio's forefront against the background din of many others fighting it out, there is the clang of metal and then the grating scrape of it against concrete, followed by a harried breath -- and then words -- all words spoken as if to herself, a reminder or a boost or both ]

I would prefer not to fight.

But I suppose that sometimes making one's own path only amounts to continuing down the one she's already on.

And right now, well, that's this place.

[ a sigh and then the sound of someone throwing her weight to one side in a roll across the ground, likely dodging under something ugly or beautiful or beautifully ugly with wings ]

[ooc; all backtags of log [nightmare curses, etc] variety coming later today but if I miss anything for anyone feel free to message me. ]

◊♥◊ brielle

[ a sound of exertion, or rather an exhale denoting it following the ON click of the device, then another breath as if that took a bit more effort than it ought to have...because it did ]

Well. I suppose it being the City there were bound to be more creative spins on the usual tricks.

Still, I think I have had quite enough of being the wrong size.

[ sigh ]

[ooc; assuming since it's the City and full of magic/non-human/etc types, it's possible pranks went into that realm too! Alice is miniature today, er, well, has been thanks to someone swapping her breakfast bread 8/ lmfff ]

◊♥◊ a moment

...it was a white rabbit.

They have always been my favorite.
◊♥◊ belle and sebastian
Fortunes or no fortunes, we make our own paths if we really want to, I think.
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